Zirconia Implant Bridge

Zirconia Implant Bridge in Jupiter, FL

Those with damaged or missing teeth might be wondering what to do to improve their chewing and speaking abilities. The Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge might be the perfect solution for you. This implant bridge in Jupiter, FL, is created from computer-generated CAD/CAM, where it designs and mills the bridge from a solid block of zirconia.

Patients must wear a temporary bridge for three months while the implants integrate into the jawbone. We will design and mill a custom temporary bridge from a special hard plastic. The Zirconia Implant Bridge is proven to be one of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing options in dentistry today. The future of dentistry is available at Jupiter Dentistry!

No More Cracks, Chips, or Stains

Zirconia implant dentures.

The Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge gives patients the most realistic and durable implant-supported teeth replacement option. Zirconia is clearly the best choice for several reasons: it’s the strongest tooth-colored material available in dentistry, and it’s biocompatible with the human body. This will give cosmetic results that will last for years to come.

Most people hear that an acrylic bridge is the only option, but that’s not true! The cheaper acrylic options like a titanium metal bar covered with pink acrylic and plastic denture teeth will frequently chip, crack, and stain. These will be worn and discolored over time.

Fortunately, Dr. Ajmo is there to custom design your Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge for a long-lasting and beautiful smile. Look and feel younger and healthier. Don’t worry about metal or cheap plastic. The best choice for your teeth replacement is zirconia!

  • Why do we Use Zirconia?

    We use zirconia because it’s 100% biocompatible with the human body and has a high resistance to chewing. This results in no staining or fracturing like other materials. Zirconia is also dense, smooth, and doesn’t wear on opposing natural teeth. This material can be color-glazed to match your natural teeth perfectly.

    Dr. Ajmo specially fabricates and custom designs each Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge using CAD/CAM milled from solid white zirconia. He ensures the highest precision, fit, strength, and beauty standards while fabricating your implant bridge.

    Your bridge will then be in the hands of our master ceramists, where they artistically color and refine it to give it life-like translucency and beauty. Your final product will be truly fantastic, as it’s been made with the most advanced dental technology. This is the future of dentistry!

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  • We are Experts in Implant Dentistry

    We want you to feel confident knowing your implant dentist has the skills and experience to restore your smile with dental implant surgery. Dr. Ajmo aims to provide patients with only the highest quality of advanced services. Your satisfaction is always in mind because we want you to look and feel your best.

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Zirconia Implant Bridge

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