Porcelain Implant Bridge

Porcelain Implant Bridge in Jupiter, FL

Feeling comfortable with your smile can provide you with self-confidence and support your emotional health. This is why patients look for teeth-replacement options that closely resemble their natural teeth. They want to look younger and feel their best, so we offer Porcelain Implant Bridgework.

This option offers full-arch dental implant patients a premium solution for permanent teeth replacement. It replaces only the teeth and not the gum tissues so that you won’t have any pink flange around the bridge. All you’ll have is a new permanent set of solid and natural-looking teeth.

porcelain implant bridge

Unfortunately, not all patients are candidates for a Permanent Porcelain Implant Bridge. Since it’s usually supported by eight dental implants, patients will need to have adequate jawbone available. This ensures that we have enough room to spread the implants around the entire arch.

We can determine if you have enough bone density for a Permanent Porcelain Implant Bridge by using a 3D CT scan diagnosis. We may recommend a Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge or a Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge if you don’t have enough. Both options are commonly supported by six dental implants.

What is the Porcelain Implant Bridge?

On the same day of your implant surgery, you will receive immediate cosmetic temporary bridgework. This means you’ll be leaving your first appointment with a full set of attached temporary teeth. You will need to give your implants about three months to heal and integrate, and then we will custom design a Permanent Cosmetic Porcelain Bridge just for you. The waiting period gives us the time to customize the best length, shape, alignment, and color for you.

Porcelain implant dentures.

You will end up with comfortable, beautiful, natural-looking new teeth. They’re so realistic that you might not even realize they’re prosthetic! The porcelain implant bridge will make you look younger and healthier so you can meet new people and smile with total confidence.

The best part is that you’ll finally be able to speak naturally and eat the foods you enjoy. Many Jupiter Dentistry patients have told us that Teeth Next Day® has completely changed their lives.

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Porcelain Implant Bridge

Make sure to get high-quality dental implants with exceptional patient care at Jupiter Dentistry. Schedule your free consultation and meet Dr. Ajmo and his incredible team of dental professionals. We want you to make the right choice for your permanent implant restoration.

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