Teeth Next Day

Teeth Next Day® in Jupiter, FL

Teeth Next Day

Teeth Next Day® will give you a complete smile transformation. Jupiter Dentistry can clear infections, eliminate dental diseases, and immediately give you the perfect smile you’ll want to show off. No matter how hopeless you think your situation has become, our trained doctors will provide you with the results you’ve been wanting.

Our patients in Jupiter love how Teeth Next Day® transformational their smile for the better. Now, you could be one of them! We recommend this treatment for the following people :

  • Those with a failing smile
  • Those who had severe periodontal disease
  • Those with missing teeth
  • Those who aren’t candidates for dental implants
  • Those who don’t enjoy removable partials or dentures
  • Those who want permanent teeth
  • Those who don’t want to wait years for dental implants
  • Those who desire a whole and healthy smile fast

Stop by Jupiter Dentistry and ask us about the Teeth Next Day® treatment for the instant relief, health, and beauty you’ve always wanted. If you don’t have adequate jawbone for traditional dental implants, this solution will work perfectly for you. Many patients can get their permanent teeth in as little as two days, thanks to our revolutionary nano-ceramic bridges. This means you don’t have to deal with temporary dental prosthetics – not even for a minute!

When it comes to choosing an implant dentist, you want one you can trust. You want someone like our very own Dr. Ajmo. He’s undergone years of postdoctoral training in dental implant surgery and restoration by renowned institutions in Dental Implantology. Not only that, but he’s also one of only 400 Board Certified Dental Implant Surgeons worldwide who routinely performs Teeth Next Day® procedures for his patients.

Before scheduling an appointment for this life-changing treatment, we recommend seeing us for a complimentary consultation first. This initial meeting will help you understand more about Teeth Next Day® and what it can do to revolutionize your smile.

When you’re looking for a quick restorative solution that can last a lifetime, Teeth Next Day® at Jupiter Dentistry is the answer! Give our office a call today to set up your consultation. You’re one step closer to permanently resorting your smile to excellent health!

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Complimentary Consultation
or 2nd Opinion

  • Exam
  • Full mouth X-rays
  • Private Consultation with Doctor ($350 value)
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