Why Choose Teeth Next Day?

  • Why Choose Teeth Next Day®?

    Tooth loss and decay can impact your self-esteem and make it difficult to smile with confidence. It can also resort to physical problems, such as jawbone deterioration and digestive issues from chewing improperly. Dental implants are a superior option to traditional dentures, but the treatment can require multiple surgeries and take many months to complete.

    We offer a high-quality form of implant-supported teeth called Teeth Next Day® at Jupiter Dentistry. This is the best restorative solution for missing teeth – and they only take a day to execute!

  • Teeth Next Day® vs. Dentures

    Dentures are affordable, replace missing teeth, and prevent your face from appearing sunken. Since they aren’t a permanent treatment, they can be unstable and cause unfortunate side effects. Some of these include the following:

    • Irritated and infected gums
    • Requires significant cleaning and can cause gum disease when cleaned improperly
    • Bottom dentures are hard to control and can slip around in your mouth
    • Limits your diet and makes it more difficult to chew food correctly
    • Bad breath from dentures
    • Jawbone deterioration from lack of stimulation
    • Typically require regular refitting
    • Reduces your sense of taste and ability to enjoy food
    • Makes your face appear wrinkled and aged over time
    • Easily damaged and chipped

    Dentures may be affordable, but they can seriously be a hassle! Fortunately, Teeth Next Day® can provide all the aesthetic benefits of dentures PLUS the functional advantages of traditional dental implants.

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  • What is the Process?

    Get your implant-supported Teeth Next Day® bridge in just two appointments at our office. The first one will be your initial consultation with Dr. Ajmo. He will determine if this solution is the best for your dental health. He’ll also discuss your aesthetic desires and decide whether you require a supplemental bone or gum graft.

    Dr. Ajmo will place the implant bridges the next day if no supplemental surgery is required. He’ll use between four to six implants to anchor the bridge in your mouth, but the exact amount will on your dental health situation. Your Teeth Next Day® experience at Jupiter Dentistry will be as convenient and efficient as possible.

  • Precision and Durability

    Your Teeth Next Day® implant will be durable and long-lasting because we only use the highest quality technology to fabricate it. We’ll know the best place to drill your implants in because our CAD/CAM 3D imaging helps us map it out. Your implant bridge will be made from zirconia, which is the most durable material available for tooth replacements. Even though it’s resistant to cracks, chips, stains, and bacteria, you’ll still want to keep your gums in good shape by continuing your regular dental visits. Good oral hygiene also ensures that the implants remain rooted in your gums firmly.

    Did you know that traditional dentures and bridges only allow for about half the bite pressure of natural teeth? Thanks to our zirconia implant bridges, you can now eat with normal bite pressure.


Are You a Candidate for Teeth Next Day®?

Why Choose Teeth Next Day
Ideal candidates for Teeth Next Day® implant-supported bridges generally have missing or badly damaged teeth. We can determine your candidacy during your initial consultation at Jupiter Dentistry. Give us a call today.
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