Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Jupiter, FL

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full-mouth reconstruction is a treatment that comprehensively corrects cases of extensive tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss by combining two or more restorative procedures. It brings your oral wellbeing back to good health, and it can completely change your appearance. The results are truly transformative.

Why do patients come from as far away as Europe to visit Jupiter Dentistry for their full-mouth reconstruction? Dr. Ajmo is a recognized implant dentist in South Florida and a diplomate of both the prestigious ICOI and ABOI. He also holds a mastership from the internationally recognized Misch Institute. Patients come to Dr. Ajmo if they want the best results for their investment. Schedule your consultation to learn more about what treatment plan is best for you.

  • How a Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Transform Your Smile

    A smile in poor health is not a stable one. Tooth decay and gum disease can spread, and deteriorated environments increase the likelihood of more infections, bone loss, and significant dental problems down the road. As such, we always recommend treating infections and restoring your smile as soon as possible.

    A full-mouth reconstruction can also help prevent premature wrinkling of skin around the jaw, and it can rejuvenate your appearance all around.

    Ask us to see past results. You will notice just how transformative a full-mouth reconstruction can be.

  • Am I a Candidate?

    If you need extensive dental work, including replacing missing teeth, extracting damaged teeth, and healing infected tissue, then you are most likely a candidate for a full-mouth reconstruction. This is a comprehensive treatment, so we take in most patients because no smile is beyond restoration.

    • Tooth pain
    • Bleeding or discolored gums
    • Tooth loss
    • Bone loss
    • Dark circles on tooth surfaces
  • The Procedure and Commonly Combined Treatments

    A full-mouth reconstruction starts with the first consultation. We assess your dental health, look for infections, consider your bone density, and determine a recommended procedure. Our goal is to restore you to total oral health and provide you with a smile that is exactly your standards.

    The best treatments to combine will depend entirely on the unique characteristics of your case. One of our patients needed to replace almost a full arch of missing and badly eroded teeth. He was also suffering from periodontal disease, and his gumlines had lost their shape. We combined laser dentistry with tooth extractions and dental implants for an incredible 180-degree turn in his appearance. He looked ten years younger, happier, and was excited to show off his smile for the first time in a long time.

    No matter what your dental problems may be, we can help you. We will find the proper treatment that fits your needs and budget.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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