Dentures and Denture Replacement in Jupiter, FL


Dentures are a common way of replacing missing teeth and can be an excellent option for many patients. There are different types of dentures, and sometimes they’re combined with dental implants for a longer-lasting and more secure hold. Keep reading to learn more about dentures in Jupiter, who makes a good candidate, and how they compare to other treatments.

Dr. Jay Ajmo is a recognized dentist in South Florida. He is a diplomate of the prestigious ICOI and ABOI and holds a mastership from the renowned Misch Implant Institute. Jupiter patients trust him because they know their smiles are in the hands of an expert.

  • Types Of Dentures and Their Purpose

    There are two main categories of dentures:

    • Partial – these are typically composed of a gum-colored plate that holds many crowns; however, many are necessary to replace your missing teeth.
    • Full – these replace entire arches of teeth and are typically implant-supported, giving them remarkable stability, durability, and longevity.

    Partial dentures can be an inexpensive option for replacing missing teeth. However, they have their disadvantages. They tend to lose their shape over time, loosening, and moving around, which can cause irritation. We typically recommend implant-supported dental bridges in this case, which last longer and are aesthetically remarkable.

    Full dentures are complete arches of teeth typically anchored by four to six dental implants, depending on your procedure and needs. At Jupiter Dentistry, we use the Prettau® bridge in our Teeth Next Day® procedure, with results that look spectacular and will continue to for a long time.

  • Dentures Replacement

    As traditional (adhesive-bound) dentures lose their shape, they can start to suffer from wear, which can cause irritation and affect your appearance. They also don’t look as good, with the crowns appearing unnatural and artificial.

    Our Prettau® implant-supported bridge, which is a full-arch denture, is made from zirconia. Zirconia is the strongest tooth-colored restorative material currently used in dentistry. Unlike acrylic options, zirconia is less likely to crack, chip, or otherwise be damaged; furthermore, it’s stain-resistant, helping you enjoy a brighter, younger smile for much longer than alternative treatments.

    The procedure is accurate and predictable. You know what results to expect, and we’re happy to show you the results other patients in Jupiter have achieved with us. Furthermore, the replacement bridge is strong and durable thanks to dental implants, which can last a lifetime. This durability does not interfere with the bridge’s aesthetic – the crowns look and feel completely natural, as if you never received dental work at all.

  • Am I a Candidate?

    If you’re currently a denture patient, we highly encourage you to explore our denture replacement options. It can often be the difference between living in comfort and suffering. Imagine an improved bite, no irritation, and the ability to trust your denture’s durability. Imagine how much more attractive your smile would be and how much younger it would appear. These are all possible thanks to the Prettau® implant-supported bridge.

    If you’re missing teeth or suffer from extensive dental damage, you may be a candidate for dentures or an implant-supported Prettau® bridge. Schedule your consultation with Dr. David or Dr. Ajmo to learn more about your options. There’s no risk or obligation.

    If you’re looking for life-changing results, call Jupiter Dentistry to schedule your consultation.

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