TMJ Therapy


If your jaw hurts when you chew or when you speak, if it pops, or if you are experiencing pain in your mouth at all you may suffer from TMJ disorder. Fortunately, there are ways we can help alleviate the pain and even treat the condition.

For many years now, Dr. Jessica Wyatt and Dr. Jay Ajmo have helped patients in Jupiter, FL and as far away as Europe overcome pain issues related to their TMJ. Dr. Ajmo holds a mastership from the prestigious Misch Implant Institute and is a diplomate of the renown ICOI and ABOI. If your TMJ requires surgical intervention, he is happy to refer you to the doctors he trusts the most, doctors who share the same patient-centered philosophy as him.

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Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is not something many Americans know about until they are diagnosed, but jaw pain is common. Symptoms to be aware of include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches and/or migraines
  • Earaches or a seemingly permanent, chronic ringing (called tinnitus)
  • Clicking or popping when using the jaw
  • Frequent discomfort and/or pain around the jaw, the temples, or the side of your face
  • Unexplained neck or shoulder pain

If you are experiencing these symptoms, we encourage you to contact us.

How We Can Help Treat Your Pain

TMJ disorder is often related to common dental problems that are treatable. It can be associated, for example, with malocclusion (over- or underbite), stress or anxiety, a traumatic injury, or other things that can be looked at and treated by a dentist – a specific culprit can be bruxism, or teeth grinding.

One common method of treatment for TMJ is through a mouth or night guard, also known as occlusal splints. These are custom-made to best fit your teeth and they help protect against teeth grinding, which can not only wear down your teeth, but can also affect your bite and the positioning of your jaw. With an occlusal splint, the pain and consequences associated with bruxism can disappear, leading to a much more comfortable and pain-free quality of life.

Other solutions that we explore include:

  • Using warm and cold compresses
  • Dietary restriction to softer foods
  • Practicing stress-relief techniques such as yoga and meditation
  • Ending habits that can worsen the problem, such as chewing gum or ice

Sometimes, TMJ disorder may require more specialized care. In these cases, Dr. Jessica Wyatt or Dr. Ajmo can refer you to a trusted and experienced doctor who can help.

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We can help you find relief. It’s not worth it to live life in pain, not when a solution is so accessible and affordable. Remember, your health and wellbeing are the number one priority. It’s time to live life in comfort.

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