Oral Surgery


Dr. Ajmo is an experienced and decorated doctor of dental surgery, with a mastership from the well-known Misch International Implant Institute and a master’s from the renowned Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. He is also a diplomat of the ICOI, ABOI, ADIA. His accumulated knowledge and experience, along with the excellency of his staff and the modern facilities of Jupiter Dentistry, is why Jupiter patients choose us when they need oral surgery performed.

We use the best technologies, including Biolase® Waterlase and Biolase ezlase, which have turned traditionally intrusive procedures into virtually painless treatments.

Furthermore, Dr. Ajmo is a board-certified IV sedation dentist. Patients who suffer from dental anxiety or phobia no longer need to worry and no longer need to avoid getting the dental care they deserve. IV sedation is an excellent option that helps keep you relaxed throughout the treatment.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Impacted wisdom teeth affect 9 out of 10 people, they can lead to dental infections, and they can cause discomfort. If they grow in at an awkward angle, they can also push adjacent teeth and cause crowding along the dental arch.

We perform wisdom tooth extractions to help prevent and relieve these problems. The procedure can be quick and painless, and for more complicated treatments we give a general anesthetic to help keep you comfortable.

Other Tooth Extractions

Our teeth receive damage. It can be physical or it can be caused by an infection. If the damage is extensive enough, or if the cavity has already affected the pulp and roots of the tooth, then it may not be salvageable. In this case, Dr. Wyatt or Dr. Ajmo will perform an extraction of the tooth.

This extracted tooth can be replaced by a porcelain crown made from E.Max material known for its durability and remarkable esthetic, looking and feeling just like a natural tooth. It can be attached by a dental implant or through another restorative option. Dr. Wyatt or Dr. Ajmo will give you tailored and customized recommendations and will discuss all these options with you so that you can make the best decision.

Tissue Augmentations & Grafting

Tooth loss and bacterial infection can shape our mouth. It can cause our gum tissue to recede and it can even seep into our jaws, causing the bone to withdraw. This can change the shape of our face and can make us look older than we are. A bone or soft tissue augmentation can help heal the affected areas of your mouth, restoring your health and your smile.

Our Technology at Work

When it comes to a service like dental implants, it is important to set high standards for the quality and durability of the materials and the placement. Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Ajmo strive to surpass these standards and gain your trust in their work. Years of experience in implant surgery and restoration, paired with his meticulous attention to detail make both Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Ajmo some of the most acclaimed dental implant specialists in Jupiter.

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Your dental health is important and you should always see a dentist that you trust. Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Ajmo are highly trained and have a spectacular staff, which is why so many Jupiter patients come to them for their oral surgery procedures.

We invite you to visit us, see the facilities, and meet Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Ajmo. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Schedule your consultation, there’s no risk in exploring your options.

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