Why Does My Breath Smell? 

Why Does My Breath Smell? 

If your breath smells bad, it’s likely because bad breath can start from having poor oral hygiene and a lack of proper oral health care routine. Your dentist in Jupiter Dentistry knows that bacterial infections of the gums or teeth are the leading cause of bad breath; that’s why they always recommend that you observe proper oral hygiene. If you want to know the other factors that can affect your oral health, here are some facts about bad breath that you might want to know.  

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Reasons Why Your Breath Smells Bad    

Bacteria and the Food You Eat  

Halitosis, the medical term for what we often refer to as bad breath, is primarily caused by bacteria causing bad breath. When the microorganisms in your mouth interact with the food you eat, it will emit an unpleasant smell that the other scents in your mouth can amplify. Spices and smelly foods release an unpleasant odor that may combine with the sulfuric smell, which can contribute to the patient’s bad breath.  

Gum Disease Caused by Bacteria  

One common cause of bad breath is gum disease or gum inflammation caused by bacteria in your mouth. Bad breath is a regular sign that your mouth suffers from gum disease or other underlying condition. To help remove the foul odor from your mouth, you can visit your dentist and have your oral health checked.  

By treating your underlying gum disease, your breath will eventually return to normal. Even though curing your gum disease will eliminate your bad breath, you should still be aware of the main factors contributing to it so you can work to stop them from happening again. Remember to practice oral hygiene to avoid gum disease and other complications from harmful bacteria.  

Conditions That Might Lead to Bad Breath  

Perio Breath  

This oral health problem happens when plaque and germs on the gums have been ignored for an extended period. Periodontal disease that’s active and untreated can result in bad breath because the bacteria in your mouth is causing damage to your teeth and gums. You should make an appointment with your periodontist to have your underlying gum disease treated to help prevent the development of perio breath.  

Inflamed Gums  

In addition to foul breath, periodontal disease can result in bleeding, discomfort, and inflamed gums. Patients must practice good oral hygiene and health to prevent this problem from escalating.  


Too much plaque on your gums and teeth causes gingivitis or gum infection. Bacteria may move from the mouth to the gum tissues due to poor oral hygiene, causing irritation and infection. Patients suffering from gingivitis have poor breath, bleeding, and inflamed gums.

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Do You Want to Learn More About Your Oral Health in Jupiter Dentistry?  

While milder forms of bad breath can be treated with proper oral hygiene, some severe variations of this problem need dental treatment to cure. If you’re looking for a dentist to help improve your oral health and hygiene, our team at Jupiter Dentistry can help. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.