Teeth In A Day®: What You Need To Know About It

Teeth In A Day®: What You Need To Know About It

There are multiple types of dental implants, but did you know you can get teeth in a day? It’s possible with a Teeth In A Day® procedure, unlike most implant procedures.

This is a significant development in repairing missing teeth since it allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a better smile right away. Patients are not required to go without teeth while they recover from the surgery.

What Are Teeth In A Day®?

Teeth in a Day® uses a nanoceramic implant bridge to replace missing teeth. Unlike other implant options, the procedure is quite simplified. It starts by inserting dental implants, designing the denture, and finally installing it in a single day.

We will instantly put a standard removable denture or an instantaneous load implant-retained removable denture instead of placing implants and asking patients to go months without teeth.  

In most situations, your denture will need to be modified or replaced once your smile has healed entirely before we can permanently attach it.

Am I Eligible?

Teeth in a Day® is an option for anyone missing all teeth or about to have them removed. Healthy individuals who choose to have these treatments done as soon as possible after tooth loss have the best chance of success.

How Does It Work?

While a typical implant procedure can take up to nine months to complete, Teeth in a Day® can provide you with everything you require by the time you’re ready to leave our office.

A team of professionals will begin by taking a high-resolution CT scan of your present jawbone structure, which will help us determine where the implants should be placed.  

Then, soon after the implants are put in, a non-removable device is constructed to fit over them, giving reliable operation.

In most cases, you will receive two restorations. We’ll start the procedure once we get your interim repair. You’ll come to our office, and any damaged teeth will be extracted.

The temporary restoration is then placed on top of the dental implant posts. After the area has healed, you’ll return to our clinic to have abutments, attachment pieces, and impressions taken to create your final restoration or alter your interim denture to be affixed to the implant posts.

What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Teeth In A Day®?

The Teeth in a Day® technique has certain disadvantages. For example, it will be more expensive than regular dentures. However, you’ll have higher-quality restorations.

Additionally, individuals who receive standard dental implant-supported dentures have a slightly higher chance of dental implant failure. The following are some of the advantages of the Teeth In A Day® procedure:

  • There is no time spent without teeth, preserving facial form, chewing function, and voice clarity.
  • As your dental implant integrates with the jawbone, the temporary prosthesis provides extra protection.
  • Throughout the treatment process, patients can feel comfortable expressing their smiles.

Is Teeth In A Day® The Right Choice For Me?

If you want to repair your entire arch of teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Using a nanoceramic implant bridge, you can have your Teeth in a Day® and save a lot of money.  

Our facility is set up to complete your smile from beginning to end in one location, saving you time and money by eliminating the need to visit numerous implant facilities or dentist offices.

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