Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges

Is a dental bridge your best option? If you’re looking to restore your oral health, a dental bridge is one of the best options for improving your oral health. If you have a severely damaged tooth that can’t be restored, the best dentist in Jupiter will most likely recommend this dental treatment.

Like dental implants, dental bridges have advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide, you must first comprehend precisely what a dental bridge is and how it functions. To help you decide, here’s everything you need to know about this dental device.

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Facts About Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge?  

An artificial tooth or row of teeth attached to natural teeth or dental implants can be called a dental bridge. These bridges can be divided into these primary types:  

  • Conventional Bridge  

On either side of the missing tooth or teeth, healthy teeth are used as anchors for a traditional bridge. To add strength and security, crowns are put on top of the natural teeth after they have been filed down. Those crowns are joined to the bridge to create a sturdy row of teeth.  

  • Implant-Supported Bridge  

An implant-supported bridge is typically the best solution when a row of three or more teeth needs to be replaced. To support the bridge, an artificial tooth with metal roots that screw into the jawbone must be positioned on either side of the bridge. After attaching the implant, the crown or the artificial tooth will then be placed.  

Advantages of Dental Bridges  

  • Implants are more expensive than bridges. A dental bridge is less costly than a dental implant because it doesn’t require as much precision or invasive placement.    
  • Bone grafting is not needed. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to strengthen the jawbone by inserting an artificial fragment under the gums.  
  • Healthy teeth can support bridges compared to other procedures.  
  • Bridges are easier to install than implants because no bone grafting is required. It takes less time to anchor the bridge with a few implants rather than getting more.  

Drawbacks of Dental Bridges  

  • There will be some healthy tooth enamel lost during the shaving down and capping of the healthy teeth on either side of the bridge.  
  • It raises the possibility of causing already healthy teeth permanent harm.  
  • Can risk damaging neighboring teeth.  
  • Bridges supported by implants require more time and money.

Why Do You Need a Dental Bridge?  

Tooth loss is a severe oral health issue. Your teeth are designed to cooperate so that you can speak, chew, and smile. Since there’s a gap between your teeth, the tooth next to the missing teeth may move and straighten out. Your teeth may no longer be even or in a straight line if a tooth in your upper jaw shifts into the space left by a missing tooth in your lower jaw.  

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Are You Looking for the Best Dentist in Jupiter?  

At Jupiter Dentistry, our team can provide you with high-quality dental bridges that can help restore your oral health. Give us a call today to schedule a meeting with our dentist!