Is a Broken Crown a Dental Emergency?

Is a Broken Crown a Dental Emergency?

Losing a crown is typically not a dental emergency. Only if your tooth’s jagged edges are sharp would you need to call our emergency dentist about a damaged crown. In those circumstances, you’ll need the help of emergency dentists in Jupiter to provide dental care and prevent accidental cuts to your tongue or cheeks.

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Emergency Dental Crown Assistance  

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a dental device that helps repair a tooth that has been fractured or worn down by disease by reshaping, resizing, and strengthening it. Consider a crown as an adhesive-secured cap that covers the teeth. It serves as a protective outer layer of the tooth, guarding it against further harm and assisting patients in avoiding more invasive operations like extractions or root canals.

Crowns can be created out of metal, porcelain, or a combination. The most popular material is porcelain since it closely resembles the color of teeth naturally and is very strong. The crown must resist the everyday demands of chewing and biting; thus, its durability and strength are crucial.

How Do I Respond if My Crown Falls Out?  

Call your emergency dentist as soon as possible if your crown is loose. This will enable you to arrange a crown replacement appointment as soon as necessary. Use over-the-counter painkillers in the interim to ease any discomfort or pain. We advise purchasing dental cement from the drugstore if your dental crown is still in good condition.  

Clean the inside of your dental crown, and lay it on top after applying the cement to your natural tooth. Till the cement dries, keep the crown in place. This will safeguard your tooth until you can visit our dentist and have your crown fixed or replaced permanently.  

If My Crown Falls Out, Can I Still Eat?  

You can still eat without your crown, but you must seal your teeth with dental cement or putty. You should be able to eat after protecting your teeth, but you’ll need to avoid items that are sticky or difficult to chew. By doing this, you can avoid damaging your tooth or accidentally removing your crown again. It’s also ideal if you chew on the side of your dental crown that isn’t being used.  

Can My Crown Be Reused if It Falls Out?

Your dental crown‘s condition will determine the answer. Our dentist can reattach your crown to your tooth if it is still in good condition. Without a new crown, our dentist will have to make your teeth for you.

Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth to send to the lab if you require a new dental crown. He will next cover your tooth with a temporary crown. Your final appointment will be when your permanent crown is prepared.

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Are You Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Jupiter?

At Jupiter Dentistry, we can help you manage and treat your damaged or missing dental crown. Contact our team immediately if you’re experiencing pain because of your loose crown! We are here to help.