Everything You Need to Know About Teeth in a Day®

Everything You Need to Know About Teeth in a Day®

Since Teeth in a Day® is one of the fastest-growing dental procedures today, plenty of people are interested in learning more about this dental operation. This service is often referred to people suffering from severely damaged teeth or those with plenty of lost teeth. However, despite its widespread use, many people are still wary about this treatment, especially considering how well-received conventional dental implants have been.  

Teeth in a Day® could be the solution you need if you’re fed up with missing, broken down, or uneven teeth. We’ve collected some information to absorb if you’re curious about this dental procedure and want to learn more about it.  

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Fast Facts About Teeth in a Day®  

The Teeth in a Day Procedure: What Is It?    

Teeth in a Day®, as its name suggests, can be finished in just one day as opposed to conventional dental implants, which might take weeks or months to complete. In this single dental operation, your teeth are replaced with brand-new implants. The implants are to be positioned in specific areas of your mouth where the bones are denser and more robust.  

The goal of this operation is to restore your eating and speaking habits and renew the shape of your face. Because artificial teeth are tightly linked to your mouth, Teeth in a Day® offers more benefits than conventional implants. You don’t have to worry about them slipping in and out of your sockets because they are securely fastened, just like natural teeth.  

Why Is It So Well-Liked?    

Teeth in a Day® is popular among dental patients because, as opposed to traditional dental implant surgery, it allows you to have brand-new teeth in just one visit. Other patients choose Teeth in a Day® because no additional measures are necessary to complete the operation unless you have an underlying medical condition.  

How Does It Function?  

Two dental implants are positioned in the front of your gums, and two longer implants are placed on either side. The longer implants are inclined toward the back of the gums to optimize contact with the jawbone. This approach offers better security and stability, particularly if you’ve lost many jawbones due to gum disease and other dental issues.  

Patients who don’t have enough jawbone for the implant can undergo bone grafting to increase the size of their jawbone. After their jawbone has fully healed, then the dental procedure will start the process.

Who Is Eligible for Teeth in a Day® Treatment?  

Patients in urgent danger of losing their teeth or having just undergone sudden tooth loss are good candidates for the Teeth in a Day® procedure. Other qualifications include:  

  • Those who are not suffering from any underlying health problems.  
  • Those who have sufficient jawbone for the implant to attach.  
  • Those who have no pre-existing traditional implants installed.  
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Are You Interested in Getting Teeth in a Day® Dental Procedure?  

If your teeth and oral health are not in the best shape, this dental procedure can help restore and improve your oral wellness. Here at Jupiter Dentistry, our team can provide you with the dental solution you need. Give us a call today to get started on your treatment!