Benefits of Teeth in a Day Treatment

Benefits of Teeth in a Day Treatment

Implant-based treatments like Teeth in a Day® in Jupiter allow patients to start seeing results the same day their implants are placed. Traditionally, implants are inserted into sockets in the jawbone and then given three to six months to heal. With Teeth in a Day®, the implants are put in place first, and the new teeth are then fitted, so patients don’t have to wait for weeks or months to flaunt their new smile.  

The dental implants and the denture are fitted on the same day, and the procedure entails placing the denture after securing the implants in the jawbone. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Teeth in a Day® treatment, our guide will help you decide whether this treatment is proper for you.


Why Choose Teeth in a Day®?

Advantages of Teeth in a Day®

The treatment’s most obvious benefit is that you don’t have to wait to see the results; in just one day, your smile will change, and you’ll be able to use your teeth as naturally as possible. You’ll be able to eat correctly with your new teeth, speak clearly, and smile with assurance. You’ll also need fewer dental visits, which is fantastic for patients afraid of the dentist.  

The time it takes for patients to see treatment results take effect is not very long. Dentures are attached the same day as the implants, eliminating the need for additional appointments or months of waiting. Additionally, it is not necessary to wear temporary restorations. Teeth in a Day also enables optimal nutrition and communication through proper function.

The newly installed Teeth in a Day® implants don’t need to be cleaned particularly well, and they’ll help stop bone loss. Additionally, by replacing missing teeth, the risk of dental health issues is significantly decreased, and facial beauty will be greatly improved.  

What Happens During the Procedure?

If you decide to proceed after your evaluation and consultation, you will be scheduled for your Teeth in a Day® procedure. The phrase refers to a technique rather than a specific dental implant procedure that can be completed in a single day. There are numerous different implant procedures, including overdentures supported by implants, single-tooth implants, multiple-tooth implants, and more.  

One of our dentists will go over your specific course of treatment with you, explain everything, address any concerns you may have, and discuss any fears or phobias you may have. Before the procedure, you will first receive treatment for oral health issues because you need good periodontal (gum) health.  

Depending on the procedure, your dentist may insert one, two, or more dental implants into the jawbone. After the implants have been positioned, our dental surgeons will immediately take impressions so that a temporary crown or bridge can be created on the same day. The healing process will be used to sculpt the final bridge or crown.  


Are You Interested in Getting Teeth in a Day® in Jupiter?  

At Jupiter Dentistry, our team can provide reliable Teeth in a Day® implants to help restore your damaged and missing teeth all in a single day. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our services.