Pioneering Patient
Safety Precautions


Times have changed, and so are some of the ways we’re implementing and improving how we maintain your safety and the safety of our team. We’ve always gone above and beyond to adhere to all recommendations and protocols for sterilization and disinfection of our office and dental equipment. Now, we’re raising the bar even higher to enhance safety and prevent the spread of disease.

At Jupiter Dentistry, we have 5 focus areas for overall office and patient safety:

1) Sterilization of instruments and handpieces used for patients – We follow the strict guidelines as specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association stating that all of these tools are subjected to a three-step sterilization process:

  • Step #1: An EPA-registered, hospital-grade detergent is used to remove debris, protein, and microorganisms.
  • Step #2: After clearing, all instruments are ultrasonically disinfected for at least 30 minutes before being dried and placed in a sealed pouch.
  • Step #3: The sealed pouch goes into the pressurized autoclave at 270℉ for 30 minutes for complete sterilization.

2) Disinfection of all facility equipment and surfaces – We used a two-step method to disinfect our equipment and surfaces in the past, now we’re adding an additional step. This surpasses what the CDC and ADA recommend.

We’ve added modern UV or ultraviolet light disinfection technology that’s highly effective at killing all:

  • Pathogens
  • Germs
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

All equipment and every office surface are also cleaned using a hospital-grade cleaning solution. From there, they are all wiped down with an EPA-registered chemical disinfectant. The treatment rooms are then disinfected again, utilizing the UV light between each patient’s appointment.

3) Controlling aerosol water spray – We’ve also added new measures to diminish the amount of aerosol water spray emitted from our dental handpieces and ultrasonic scalers. We’ve added extraoral suction devices to all of our treatment rooms at Jupiter Dentistry. By incorporating extraoral suction technology, we can eliminate 99.9 percent of all aerosols or bacteria or viruses from entering the air.

4) Air quality in our facility – Our air conditioning systems are set up with UV light bulbs that can kill:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Viruses

Our Jupiter dental office also has portable hospital-grade air purifiers, capable of filtering out 99.9 percent of all airborne particulate matter. The air in the office is completely cleaned four times every hour.

5) Water quality used for our patients – Even though most dentists don’t test their water lines, it’s common for “biofilm” or bacteria to build up there. We’ve added charcoal filtration and UV disinfection to our water lines to effectively filter out and eliminate 99.9 percent of particles or potential contaminants.

At Jupiter Dentistry, we’ve ensured we’re ahead of the rest when it comes to caring for you, your family, and our team. We take pride in ensuring the utmost attention and effort has been given to every health and safety measure. By practicing far beyond CDC and ADA guidelines, we’re confidently offering you the highest level of care available in modern Florida dentistry.

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