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Why Teeth Next Day®?

Porcelain implant dentures.

Are you afraid to smile because of your missing teeth? We understand how embarrassing it can be, and people have gaps in their mouths for various reasons. Some of these may include being in an accident, failing dental work, gum disease, or tooth decay. Whatever the reason may be, missing teeth can affect your confidence and your overall health. Teeth Next Day® at Jupiter Dentistry can eliminate dental diseases and transform your smile for the better.


Zirconia implant dentures.

This revolutionary treatment offers the benefits of dental implants. Unlike the traditional treatment for replacing teeth, you can achieve your brand-new smile the day after your implant surgery when you opt for Teeth Next Day®. The best part is that this quick restorative solution can last a lifetime when you properly care for your implants.

Most dental implant centers only offer one option to replace your missing teeth, but not Jupiter Dentistry! Teeth Next Day® has created multiple choices for same-day dental implants, catering to everyone’s wants and needs.


Dentures made from nanoceramic materials.

Giving our patients more options allows them to pick how their new teeth will look and feel. It can take months to achieve your new smile with traditional dental implants, which don’t suit most patients’ needs. We take the time to thoroughly discuss your options at Jupiter Dentistry to ensure you make the right decision for restoring your smile.

We’re always happy you help you learn more about Teeth Next Day® and what it can do for you. Give Jupiter Dentistry a call today so we can answer all your questions!

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