Multiple Teeth


It’s common for adjacent teeth to be damaged or to fall out together, or in close succession. Many patients also suffer from tooth loss in different parts of the mouth. Finally, there are patients who are missing most of their teeth along an entire arch, or those teeth are otherwise damaged beyond being able to salvage them. In these cases, at Jupiter Dentistry in Jupiter, FL, we recommend using dental implants to provide stable, long-lasting support for dental crowns or implant-supported bridges.

If you are ready to schedule your consultation, we encourage you to come in to meet your dental team and to tour our state-of-the-art facilities. It’s time to invest in your health and in your happiness.

Replacing Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants

How exactly we recommend replacing multiple teeth can depend on their location. There are patients who have teeth that simply never grew in, and they are not necessarily adjacent to each other. In these cases, we may use dental implants to support single porcelain crowns.

More common is when several adjacent teeth are missing or even full arches. In these cases, our dental team at Jupiter Dentistry tends to recommend implant-supported bridges. Again, the exact nature of the procedure is highly dependent on your unique situation, which is impossible to gauge over a website. Generally, an implant-supported bridge consists of several implants which are placed along the jaw and used to fix a bridge in place.

This bridge itself holds several porcelain crowns that are customized in shape, size, and color to provide the best balance for your smile. We use only the best materials available made from the best labs and, in this case, that’s the E.Max® crown. The porcelain material is much stronger and durable than alternatives, allowing the walls of each crown to be thinner. This not only makes them longer lasting, but gives them a translucence that best captures the naturality of real teeth.

With this combination of dental implants and a dental bridge we can more holistically restore your oral health, overall wellbeing, and the beauty of your smile. The implant itself will protect your jawbone and keep it healthy, while the bridge will help keep the rest of your oral anatomy safe. Esthetically, implant-supported bridges are remarkably stunning and brilliant, so much so that our patients have trouble telling them apart from the real thing.

Why Choose Jupiter Dentistry?

Jupiter Dentistry, located in Jupiter, FL, has put together a top dental team with over six decades worth of combined experience and a proven track record that has attracted patients as far away as Europe. We are very proud of work.

Providing the best results possible is our passion and to accomplish that we are very active in building our skills through continuing education. Our doctors have studied at the Seattle Institute, under Dr. Frank Spear, as well as the Misch International Implant Institute, along with several other prestigious organizations and schools.

We also employ state-of-the-art technology to make the results more precise and accurate, as well as to make the procedure itself as comfortable as possible for you. We have a certified IV sedation dentist on our team, as well. IV sedation is an excellent, efficient, and completely safe method of relaxing at the dentist while we work on your smile. It completely changes the definition of going to the dentist.

At Jupiter Dentistry you don’t come in for an appointment, you come in for an experience. We endeavor to make yours the best possible, from providing the amenities you need, to making the procedure as precise and comfortable as possible.

We invite you to come check out our facilities. You are encouraged to ask us for case studies of prior work. We are very proud of how we’ve helped Jupiter patients like you achieve stunning smiles that they are excited to show off and we will gladly provide photographic case studies, so you can see what kind of results to expect.

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Cosmetic Treatments that Smile Design Commonly Combines

Smile Design comprehensively improves the esthetics of your smile. We frequently combine treatments like dental crowns and porcelain veneers, or veneers and teeth whitening. Sometimes a restorative treatment, like a dental implant, will also be used to complement the cosmetic touch-ups.

Dr. Ajmo is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a master of the Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. Both he and Dr. Jessica Wyatt are proven cosmetic dentists with a record of success among their Jupiter, FL patients. Ask us for case studies of the results other patients have achieved with us. Let us prove to you our skill and artistry.

"Having my teeth & smile restored has completely changed my life. I can honestly say I'm so happy & it shows every time I smile. I can't thank you enough."


Schedule your consultation today and start on the path toward a new, brilliant smile that will lift your confidence and rejuvenate your teeth. At Jupiter Dentistry we make use of the best technologies and techniques, which allows us to provide results of remarkable precision. We use only the most durable and minimally invasive materials, and our mission is to make the treatment as comfortable and effective as possible.

Dr. Ajmo is a board-certified IV sedation dentist. If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, know that we endeavor to make sure you don’t have to worry. We ensure that all of our patients’ visits are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

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