Can I Save My Teeth or Should I Get Dentures?

Can I Save My Teeth or Should I Get Dentures?

When you have plenty of damaged teeth, you have plenty of dental options if you want to save or replace them. Dentures in Jupiter is one of the dental devices that you can choose if you want to replace your severely damaged teeth. If you’re wondering whether it’s best to save your teeth or to get dentures, here are some facts to help you decide.  

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Consider Getting Dentures  

What Is Often Advised to Patients?  

You can decide whether you want to have full dentures or keep your teeth by considering the following criteria and speaking with your dentist:  

  • Preserving healthy natural teeth is often recommended.  

It’s usually advised to keep your natural teeth if they’re strong and won’t harm your dental health. Since some drawbacks to replacing missing teeth like misshapen jaws and facial features, dentures are often not recommended immediately. Furthermore, if the denture is not anchored correctly, it may slip or move, which is uncomfortable.

When a few teeth are left, they become stressed and can shift to the vacant positions in your mouth since there are no neighboring teeth left. When you bite and eat, the power from your bottom teeth stresses your top teeth if you only have a few healthy upper teeth. Even if your teeth seem strong on the outside, the pressure can weaken them accordingly.  

  • Getting dentures can improve your eating habits.

Getting complete dentures will help you eat better than saving a damaged tooth. While keeping a damaged tooth should be the standard procedure, removing them and getting dentures can be the better choice. Complete dentures can easily replace missing and damaged teeth to help improve your eating habits.  

  • A well-made denture can improve your speech.  

Saving your teeth doesn’t always mean it can improve the other aspects of your oral health. If a tooth you’re trying to save is already severely damaged, it’s better to replace them with dentures to help you speak better. Since having damaged teeth can affect your speech, removing and replacing them can sometimes be the best solution.  

  • Your jawbone can lose bone mass when you’re toothless.  

When your teeth are lost, your jawbone no longer receives stimulation and your body begins to resorb the bone. You won’t have enough jawbone to maintain your facial muscles after 10 to 20 years which will cause your face to sag and make you appear older. It will be challenging, if not impossible, to secure a lower denture because of the lost bone.  

  • Implant-supported dentures improve comfort and functionality.

Your dentist will know if you qualify for either an implant-supported partial denture or full implant-supported dentures. While both options can cost you a lot of money, dental implants can stimulate your jawbone to stop bone loss. You can eat and speak comfortably while wearing your dentures because they won’t slide around.  

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Are You Interested in Getting Dentures in Jupiter?  

At Jupiter Dentistry, our team can provide you with high-quality dentures to replace your missing teeth. Give us a call today to learn more!